This Relic

This Relic

Can this be considered a relic? I have had it since I was 12 years old. I think my Dad gave it to me for my birthday. I love this old alarm clock. It sits on my night stand, near an old lamp. Both of them do a good job, waking me up in the morning, letting me know the time of day or night (although it’s purposely fast), and the lamp is lovely in the evening to read by. Somehow this clock is precious, it’s my childhood into adulthood. Playing the radio in the morning, snoozing 3X, thank you old digital time keeper. I do wonder though how long you will last…? Nothing lasts forever…





a surviving memorial of something past.

an object having interest by reason of its age or its association with the past: a museum of historic relics.

a surviving trace of something


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