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last day of summer vacation

Monday, August 27th, 2007

megranpa.jpg Here’s Granpa and I from our trip to Italy last fall. I woke up too early this morning (like 4:30 eek) probably because I am thinking about work and tomorrow we go back to start meetings and prepping for next week, when the students return. Earlier this summer my Granpa unofficially retired. In that he still works a little, but he no longer goes into an office. But he had been doing that until he was 88. He turned 88 at the end of June this year. We experienced an amazing journey last fall with spending 3 weeks in Italy. This image is from our stay in Assisi. So this post is dedicated to Granpa, who is starting his lifetime summer vacation! I don’t know if he would think of it that way…but I like the sound of it and in certain ways, I envy him.

Tropical Storm Erin Heads for Texas

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

I just read a short article about the latest Tropical Storm. This one is named Erin. I think I would rather be named for a tropical storm than a hurricane. I also realize this means that i am not as powerful, still, i hope nobody gets hurt or killed because of Erin. Here’s the link to the article.