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Robert Hardgrave: Studio Visit on the CAB

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Check out the latest studio visit with artist extraordinaire – Robert Hardgrave – Click the picture to go to the CAB (City Arts Blog)

Painting by Robert Hardgrave (detail)

If April showers rain in May, what does the month of May bring? Great Performance Art!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Amy-Ellen FCM Trefsger in Monochromatic May at Gallery 4Culture
Queen Schmooquan in her last pre-baby show at the Can Can
AK Mimi Allin in Project: Space Available HAM, Hold All Movement

What an amazing amount of talent we have in our fair city of Seattle. The sheer exhuberance, determination, fortitude and willingness to push to the edges of wonder, humor and mystery; these ladies have it, and I am honored to have witnessed what they have to say.

Check out Gallery 4Culture while you still can and witness the documentation of three years of study in the wardrobe of the wearer of grey for an entire month. Monochromatic May ends May 27th, 2010. More info on her website: and if you want to read about my thoughts check out the studio-visit on the City Arts Blog.

Image from the Monochromatic May @ Gallery 4Culture Opening - May 2, 2010

Image from the Monochromatic May @ Gallery 4Culture Opening - May 2, 2010 - With Live models in Grey, AK Mimi Allin, Amanda May, and Darla Rae Barry.

Queen Schmooquan is a character played by Jeppa Hall. Her work is brilliantly absurd, mesmerizing, comforting, wondrous and amazing. Seeing her last show pre-baby I was reminded of the 1st Gong show at the Croc in 2007(?), before I knew her. I was a tingle, I laughed so hard, every moment I was shocked and destroyed only to be built up again by the hilarity and show(man)ship. I love the gender-bending and wit. She was gonged too soon, and to me, the judges missed the space-boat entirely. She won’t be performing for a while, but definitely check out her website, listed above.

for only $5 - an autographed Twinkie: aka Chicken Baby Food!

And then there’s AK Mimi Allin, whose performance I saw last night. We entered and were given silent instructions. I had to decipher using Morse code a series of dots and dashes and then follow instructions until all participants had been admitted. We all stood there, waving our flags with various expressions. Then Mimi shared gestures, live radio broadcasts, movement that at times was so subtle all I could do was cock my head and breathe, and other times, I belly laughed. HAM or Hold, All Movement is another testament to Mimi’s endurance, genius of study, and sheer wit and playfulness. She has another performance (with the HOLD) on Sunday May 23rd 2010 at 3pm, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and space is limited. Read more and info on how to see the performance: AK Mimi Allin.

image from AK Mimi Allin's blog.

Newer Portraits

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Asking friends to take pictures, minus props and costumes, but still playing with posing – here’s some of the latest results.

His Blue Parka

Leaning Over Me

My Handsome Family

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

This is from a negative that my grandfather sent a few months ago. Aren’t they dashing?

Uncle Warren, Grandpa, Uncle Alpert, Grandma, and Dad - guessing it's 1958

a recent trip to the Southwest…

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Visiting my dad, step-mom and grandpa gave me an occasion to leave the cool PNW, and enter the undulating warmth of the South West. Here’s some pics from the pool.

SOIL gets to ACT out a little

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Sneak Peak

SOIL, an artist collective in Seattle, is teaming up with ACT theatre to add art installations in several of its building’s windows. Earlier this evening I got a look at the current installations by these SOIL artists: Julie Alpert, Susanna Bluhm, Cable Griffith, Derrick Jefferies, Kiki Macinnis, and Timea Tihanyi

The work is thoughtful, compelling and themed according to different decades. Each artist received a stipend from ACT. Susanna told me that ACT was concerned that they couldn’t offer the artists more money. The artists, on the other hand, were nicely surprised by the stipend. In a time when artists often do these sorts of projects for free, or pay to be juried into shows, plus the costs of materials, framing and shipping usually out weigh any sales; it’s wonderful that ACT not only collaborates with visual artists, but supports them a little in the finance department. Stunning from the inside and on the street, NICE WORK SEATTLE CREATIVES!

(all pics taken with cellphone:)

SOIL at ACT: a new and ongoing partnership
ACT (on 7th ave. between union and pike)
Kreielsheimer Place
700 Union St
Seattle WA 98101

May 6th-August 30th

reception May 6th, 2010 5pm-7pm