Guessing game #2

Still no one has guessed correctly for the first guessing post.
So that one is still open for guessing and winning a prize.
Here’s the next guessing game post. What is this from????

13 Responses to “Guessing game #2”

  1. marilyn Says:

    a beanie bag?

  2. bre Says:

    a disco ball light!

  3. bre Says:


  4. Erin Says:

    IT IS Fabric…but what is it on????

  5. sara dinatale Says:

    pregnant belly

  6. Erin Says:

    people are getting closer and closer… :)

  7. Patrick Says:

    I say it is fabric on a pair of tights or leggings of some sort. Over the knee perhaps.

  8. Kelli Says:

    Is it that childhood toy where you put little lights in the holes of a cutout and then turned on the switch and they glowed? That isn’t the most apt description, but that is what it reminds me of. You could make all types of art with the little lights.
    Hey~ I just remembered! It’s called a Light Bright.

  9. Greg Says:

    It is a seat cover from a mid sixties vw, most likely a microbus with a split window.

  10. Greg Bean Says:

    I mistakenly used the clue from guessing #1 for guessing #2. Maybe I need to be more clueful. I think it is a bathing suit. It reminds me of my first surf shorts.

  11. Whitney Says:

    I think that maybe it is some type of shirt or a skirt, at least a clothing article. Maybe a bathing suit.

  12. Erin Says:

    finally someone has gotten the closest. Whitney wins!!! it’s a skirt, but on who? stay tuned for the next posting in guessing game…

  13. Whitney Says:

    Is it maybe a skirt that your mom was wearing at some point? ( i only guessed that because somebody said “a pregnant belly” and so I thought of mothers, so maybe it was yours?)

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